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Jodie - News - Updates - Photos - Bio - All about today's teenage poet - Jodie
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What's going on?

~Volleyball Season~
Jodie has turned her volleyball jersey in as of yesterday. The Lady Indians won 3 out of 12 games.
Jodie made her first point at the Hazlewood game, where the Lady Indians almost had their 4th win.. Unfortunately, they lost by two points, due to common mistakes.
Will she try out next year?
The answer is not yet revealed.... She definetly wants to try-out... The real question is...

Lady Indians
vball team varsity style.jpg
Varsity Volleyball

Jodie and Lance are officialy broken up. Lance had "claimed" that he thought she was someone else. Jodie received a note at her locker, declaring that it was over. She admits that she came close to shedding tears, but they never came out. Later that day, she started going out with another boy for the 3rd time. His name is Evan. They have been reported holding hands, writing notes, and exchanging phone calls.
"We have our ups and downs, but overall, I think we will last for awhile." Jodie says.
But how long is awhile? What will her mother think? Will rumors brake the couple up? Who knows? Maybe they are soulmates... yet maybe destiny tricked them both.

~Memphis Zoo~
Just a week ago yesterday, Jodie visited the Memphis Zoo with her Youth Group. She was seen walking around with her best friend and favorite senior, Heather, and her biggest crush, and favorite CHHS band member, Damien. Jodie has tooken pictures of some of the exhibits they visited. Although the van ride was long, coming and going, the three pals kept each other occupied. She didn't buy any souveniers: she said that the pictures were enough. She said that she had the time of her life, and if she went next year, she'll be sure and bring all of her friends along.

What is she up to today?
*May not be as up to date as this site*

Jodie is currently 13. She is currently living in Alabama. Now she is juggling between friends, school, chruch, family, and her poetry.